How to Train New Employees Faster With Landscape Training Programs

Hiring costs money whether you’re a landscape company or in any other industry. Bringing new people into your company and culture takes time, resources, and emotional investment. Companies with high turnover rates waste resources on employees who don’t last for the long term. We’ll check out how to train new employees and keep them in your landscape business longer with onboarding programs like on-demand training.

Why are employees leaving your business?

High turnover is a major red flag when reviewing the organizational strategy of your business. There needs to be a foundation of high contributing employees from management down to crew members at all levels. These high performers can’t be filling in multiple jobs long-term to cover for employee turnover since it might lead to burnout and resentment. There are many reasons why your landscape business might experience high turnover:

  • Low or non-competitive wages
  • Poor company culture and reputation
  • Disorganization and a lack of structure or processes
  • Few career growth opportunities
  • Weak onboarding processes
  • Hiring the wrong people

There are solutions for every problem, and it might require some creativity to find that sweet spot for your business. One way to address issues with structure, onboarding, career growth, and reputation is to review first impressions with new employees and how they’re trained within the first few weeks on the job. How is your landscape company treating the onboarding process?

On-The-Job or On-Demand Training

Training gets treated differently no matter where you go. It’s all different paths to the same destination with differences in timing, quality, quantity, who’s training, and even where or when training happens. On-the-job training takes a closely supervised approach that relies on an experienced trainer with industry knowledge. On-the-job training in the landscaping industry is often in the moment and lacks organization if not planned properly. Productivity also takes a major hit if you have to stop work to train the new hire every time a task comes up that they’re unfamiliar with performing. While there are hiccups with on-the-job training, it’s a strong method that ensures the right information is being passed along to new hires with confidence and trust.

The alternative method to on-the-job training is to take onboarding digital and use on-demand videos to train new hires. On-demand video training takes the strain from using resources like senior employees and revenue-generating time to onboard a new hire and gives a detailed walkthrough on the functions landscapers need to know before setting foot on site. Using on-demand training in your landscape business trains new hires faster, develops skills for current employees that wouldn’t have time to train, and sets a reasonable onboarding schedule. This method makes it easy to know when those new hires can start contributing to your business. The beauty of on-demand video training is that you can complete courses anywhere at any time, even if it’s in a truck between job sites.

How Landscape Businesses Can Train New Hires Faster

The key to training faster in a landscape business is to give new hires the resources they need to succeed. Using on-demand video training can establish the theoretical knowledge of what to expect when operating certain equipment or how to stay safe. This can reduce, if not eliminate, the time needed for on-the-job training, which will lead to higher efficiency and productivity for the short and long term.

Greenius can help your business establish robust training processes that’ll catch anybody up to speed quicker than strictly on-the-job training. Chat with one of our experts to walk through how the Greenius training platform can make your business more profitable by getting new or old employees the training they need to succeed.