How An Ontario Landscaping Company Generates $1-Million Yearly Through On-Demand Training Videos

The foundation for every landscaping job and business should follow the order of Safety-Quality-Efficiency. There isn’t a profitable landscaping business that operates without an emphasis on these three pillars. One Ontario-based business has used Greenius as their go-to training system to establish a culture of safety, quality, and efficiency to help their business generate $1-million in revenue on a yearly basis.


Location: Southern Ontario, Canada

Years in business: 15 years

• Years using Greenius: +10

Services offered: Maintenance, Landscape Construction, Lawn Care, and Snow & Ice

Employees: 15

• Annual Revenue: $1,000,000

Training Landscapers Faster

Are newer employees catching up to speed quicker?: “Yes! New hires get up to speed quickly. Greenius frees up time for other employees by reducing the moments spent with on-site training.

How long did the training take?: “All of our employees are required to do their Greenius training annually. We generally give employees 4-6 weeks to complete modules in the Spring.”

Which courses are completed?: “All modules will be distributed to employees with the exception of the winter modules for summer seasonal employees. A newly hired “green” employee will receive their training incrementally, focusing on equipment and safety training.”

Are there any extra skills or training modules used?: “Supervisor training modules are distributed to upper management employees and ambitious lead hands that are being considered for promotion. On-the-spot training for new employees happens each Spring.”

Damage-Proofing Your Landscape Business

Did the workplace become safer?: “Yes, we find Greenius’ training gives employees a new base knowledge of equipment and safety, as well as a refresher for returning employees to prepare them for the upcoming season.”

Are there fewer workplace accidents?: “Workplace accidents are inevitable, but we definitely notice a lower frequency.”

How often is equipment being misused or damaged?: “Greenius training has significantly helped us reduce damage to equipment. Our team members understand the impact the equipment has on efficiency and safety, and if something breaks, we all end up working harder, later, and longer. If they do everything right the first time, there won’t be any rework down the road and team members earn our trust.”

Improving Job Quality & Crew Efficiency

How did training affect lost or unbillable time?: “This starts from the top with good organization. The key is to brief staff ahead of time of the projects coming in rather than day-of morning huddles. It gives them time to think ahead, get engaged, and plan ahead to make sure we have all the necessary tools and supplies to complete the job on budget.

Does training impact the way you think about waste in your business?: “Everyone in the business has to be aware of waste, whether it’s related to time or equipment. 

We have now learned that there are some projects that we’ve simply had to say “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we’re not a good fit” so that we can continue to grow with the types of projects that we know we can efficiently complete. This helps us stay profitable in the long run.”

Has training affected the way your business thinks about material waste?: “Training has explained and demonstrated how not to “burn the budget” with supplies. It all adds up.”

Empowering Employees Through Professional Development

Are there more career opportunities within your business through professional development?: “Yes, we can provide the opportunities as long as they can provide their commitment. If an engaged employee shows interest, they have the opportunity to learn so many more different areas in the industry through Greenius. Greenius gives them the opportunity to develop and show their strengths, and we can use those strengths in our business by giving them the trust and opportunity to contribute.”

Can your business take chances on rookie entry-level laborers with Greenius?: “If they have the right personality, we can train and provide excellent leadership to a new person in the Green Industry. We can develop and support them in a way where they feel their contributions are important and rewarded.”

When and how did they complete their training?: Training modules are done at home, and they’re paid for their time. We also schedule on-site training. Rain days are used for group training and to provide training to staff on new pieces of equipment.”

With all the training you offer in your business, do you have issues retaining employees?: “We have low turnover, and continue to build on our fantastic company culture!”

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