The State of Labor in the Green Industry – What to Know

LMN, the partner company of Greenius, recently surveyed its users to forecast the state of the green industry.

While the general outlook remains positive heading into 2022, skilled labor and labor retention in the green industry is a significant topic of interest as North America navigates the current labor shortage.

LMN's survey had 92% of companies wishing they could hire experienced and reliable staff. These sentiments aren't isolated in one section of the industry and have significant implications for how businesses operate when in the hiring process.

This is a severe pain point most industries are working through, but it doesn't mean there aren't solutions. All it takes is some creative and inward thinking to sidestep the labor shortage and position your business to be a desirable workplace.

"I Wish We Could Hire Experienced and Reliable Staff"

It would be a dream to wave the magic wand or rub a lamp calling Genie to wish for experienced and reliable staff. Unfortunately, those aren't options, and premium talent comes at a premium price, but it's almost always worth the cost.

That cost can be anywhere from adequate and competitive compensation or the promise of personal skill development that could further lead to career growth.

Be comfortable looking outside the box when hiring.

Sometimes talent comes from adjacent industries looking for a fresh start to a new career. These are generally the workers who are hungry to learn, looking to establish themselves in a sector that foundationally values and prizes experience and reliability.

This means that the road might be a little longer to find your Foreman or Crew Lead or train the right member on the crew to pick up a new skill specializing in special equipment. Developing that trust can go a long way in building a team full of experienced and reliable staff to represent your business.

"I Wish We Could Offer Our Crews More Training and Mentorship Programs"

87% of LMN users desire more training and mentorship programs to develop their crews.

Skilled trades have traditionally been a "learn on the job" form of education. There isn't always the mentorship available or the equipment needed to learn. To bridge the gap, Greenius and LMN have prioritized bringing the training to the user no matter where they are.

The digital sphere doesn't quite mirror the physical feel, but theoretical knowledge gives a premium foundation to confidently and safely complete new tasks between various equipment and industries.

Greenius also offers multiple training modules that equipment crews might not realize they need on their job sites, creating more avenues to streamline and optimize operation - a unique and innovative way of "learning on the job" and elevating your business operations.

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"I Wish We Had Programs In Place To Minimize The Company's Liability"

Safety is paramount in any industry that uses equipment or shapes its environment.

To ensure the safety of the crew and civilians around any worksite, programs and rules have been set to ensure incidents won't happen from negligence or ignorance.

These rules are typically in place from previous negative experiences, and it's naive to think people would inherently know what risks are potentially surrounding them if they don't have the experience, training, or mentorship.

Your liability can only be minimized through proper training and education. Establishing checklists and procedures will help ensure that every step is reviewed to identify potential hazards before it does any damage. Digital training modules or courses are also designed in anticipation of various worksites presenting different situations and environments.

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Grant Your Own Wishes

There are a lot of "I wish" statements in life. It's easy to wish for somebody to fix things on a whim, but you need to do it yourself most times.

Capacity is a massive hurdle in training and educating crews since you can only split your time in so many ways. Most business owners need help to catch their crews up to speed on the skills they need to complete jobs quickly and professionally.

Greenius is there to be that helping hand, offering business solutions to mitigate the effects of attracting, recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining talent. Check out how Greenius can take your business to the next level!

Be the change you want to see in the industry, and make your business a household name for customers and crew members with a stellar reputation for quality work and experienced professionals.

You can learn more about LMN's State of the Industry survey here.

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