Learn something new or brush up on your Greenius skills with our Video Tutorials – a collection of short walkthroughs on fundamental components of the Greenius Employee Performance and Training System. 

Greenius Tutorial Videos help you get the most from  your training


Payments and Invoices

Watch as we take you through a brief demonstration on how to use manage your payment methods and pay invoices.

Managing Seats

Watch as we take you through a brief demonstration on how to use Greenius to manage paid seats.


Greenius Dashboard Overview

Watch this video for a quick overview of all the information found on your Greenius Dashboard.

Employee Training

Adding a Single Employee to Greenius

A tutorial on the basics of adding a single employee to your Greenius profile.  Jim’s Tip: Before adding employees, watch  “Divisions and Mandates” and make sure both are set up.

Adding Multiple Employees to Greenius

A quick video walk through on how add multiple employees at once to your Greenius profile.  

Editing Employee Details

A quick video on how to edit details for your employees. Learn how to update email addresses and phone numbers or assign additional training.

Using the Mass Actions Tool

Mass actions is a great new tool to help you save time when using Greenius. Use the mass actions tool to apply change to multiple employees in bulk. You can do things such as changing due dates, deactivating employees or adding new managers to your staff. 

Assigning Courses

Learn the various ways to assign courses to your employees in Greenius.

How to View Employee Exam Scores

Learn the different ways you can view your employee’s exam scores

How to Recertify Employees

Learn how to recertify training courses for your employees once their certifications have expired or if you simply want to reassign a course.

Deactivating and Reactivating Employees

Learn how to deactivate an employee if they have left the company or have been laid off for the season. This video will also show you how to restore an inactive employee to the system.

Group Training with Greenius

In this video we will discuss how to set up and conduct a group training session for your employees.

Training Library

Custom Course Builder

Did you know that you can build Custom Courses within the Greenius platform? Designed to personalize your training tracks and content, our new tool allows you to create your own courses, from any Vimeo or YouTube video, in just a few simple steps.

Account Settings

How to Update your Company Profile

Learn how to update your basic company information in Greenius, including your physical address, contact information and the email address for your invoices to be sent to.

Updating System Titles

A quick walkthrough discussing the various options for System Titles in Greenius, as well as how to modify them.

Exam Passing Scores & Recertification Settings

Learn how to set the passing score for the multiple chose exam portion of Greenius training. In this video, we will also discuss how to manage your recertification options for account.

Managing Your Course Library

Learn how to manage your course library in Greenius. This video will demonstrate how you can activate or deactivate courses from your course list.

Managing Your Tailgate Talk Library

Learn how to manage your library of Tailgate Talks in Greenius.

Creating Employee Divisions

In this video we will learn how to create Divisions within Greenius, as well how to mandate courses to them.

System Managers

How to Add a System Manager to Greenius

In this video, we will review how to add a System Manager to Greenius. A System Manager is anyone who has access to the administrative side of Greenius for assigning courses, adding employees or conducting checklists or tailgate talks.

Editing System Manager Profiles

Learn how to update profiles or change password information for your various System Managers in Greenius. 


How to Access the Checklists Library

How to access your library of checklists from your Greenius dashboard

How to Edit Your Checklists

A quick video on how to edit your existing checklists. This will allow you to make any changes to your evaluation criteria before you get into the field.

How to Conduct a Checklist as a Crew Leader

Are you a field supervisor, crew leader, or team lead? Watch this video to learn more about conducting a checklist infield evaluation for your employees – The final step towards safe certifying your staff on their courses.

How to Create a New Checklist

How to access your library of checklists from your Greenius dashboard.


Accessing the Tailgate Library

A quick video on how to find and access your library of Tailgate Talks from your Greenius Dashboard.

Editing Your Tailgate Talk

Learn how to edit your library of Tailgate Talks – Add or remove talking points, or add your own!

Creating Custom Tailgate Talks

Learn how to create your own custom Tailgate Safety Talks from scratch!

Conducting a Tailgate Talk with the Mobile App

Watch and learn how to host your very own Tailgate Talk safety meeting, in the field, with the Greenius Mobile App. 

15 Minute Review

Setting up 15 Minute Review

This video is an in depth look at setting up your 15 Minute Review tool in Greenius. Be sure to check out our other video on how to conduct a review using the Greenius App. Some may find it easier to review the finished product, before proceeding to the set up stage. 


How to Generate Reports

A quick high-level overview of the various reporting tools in Greenius.