GREENIUS THANKS YOU For your business and support during our big growth period.


As you might have noticed, Greenius has undergone some changes. Some of these changes we underwent also affected you, our clients. As we all know, paperwork is a tough and time consuming task, billing and contracts required many, many hours and as we grew, this method no longer worked for us. So how did we alleviate some of this pain? We introduced Automated Billing.


Greenius has now moved to a system that allows clients to control their monthly billing, it allows new clients to sign up on their own and it gives our awesome team more time to assist you better with on-boarding and answering questions you might have.


Alongside automated billing, Greenius is constantly growing to bring even more professional on-demand training and employee development. Be sure to check in with us to see what is new!


While you are patiently waiting for us, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our new billing system in the section below. It might seem overwhelming but we promise it is easier than it looks! Should you require additional assistance, one of our awesome team members would be delighted to help you out!


Thank you for your business and support. We promise it will be worth the wait.

- Greenius

Our new billing system

Navigate over to the new Subscription menu option from your company dashboard. Here you will see a few new options that you have complete control over. The new menu option is right below Account Settings.

Payments and Invoices

This is where you will go to update your billing information. We use a highly secure, cloud based billing system to protect the privacy of our clients.


Want to see your latest invoice? This can also be accessed from here using the menu icon within this window.

Manage Seats

Remember how we said that you are in total control of your billing now? We weren't kidding. 


We understand that every company is different and one solution does not work for everyone. You can now buy additional seats as your company grows. Simply adjust the quantity and proceed to the next step! 

Manage Seats Step 2

You have now added more seats! Now we can add those new hires that will help your company grow by providing the necessary training to assist their growth within your company. 


Did you buy additional seats to restore Deactivated employees? That can also be done from this page! Simply check off the box beside their name, click save and you're done.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out via our support chat system or by giving us a call. Our team members would love to provide you with the best possible experience on Greenius.


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