Thank You, From Everyone at Greenius, for Your Continued Business and Support as We Grow and Improve

In everything we do, Greenius aims to provide the services, tools and courses that make employee training and development fast, simple and effective. 

The Greenius Team

We’ve got a lot happening over here at Greenius and you may have already noticed some of the updates we’ve put into the pipeline. 


The new courses, features and automated tools available are designed to let you manage your Greenius program with ease, help drive profits and keep your teams safe. And if you need assistance? Our whiteglove onboarding, success, and support departments are dedicated to helping you along the way. 


Greenius is constantly growing to bring even more professional on-demand training and employee development. Be sure to check in with us to see what is new!


Again, thank you.

The Greenius Team

Explore New Training Tools and Features

Our expanded resource library includes new topics that prepare crews to work safely in all seasons with training courses ranging from Winter Plow Techniques to Heat Safety. In addition to new courses, we’ve launched some exciting new tools that give you the flexibility to manage your monthly billing.

New and Improved Courses

  • Increased Production Quality
  • 24 New Courses in English & Spanish
  • 8+ New Snow Courses Coming for Winter 2022
  • Coming Soon: 50+ New Courses in English and Spanish

Expanded Tailgate Talk Library

  • 100+ Tailgate Talks to improve crew safety, productivity, knowledge
  • Use in the Field from a Phone or Tablet

Automated Billing & Improved Invoices

  • Manage Users/Seats
  • Automated Credit Card Billing
  • Access Invoices and Payment Records

Enhanced Subscription Customization and Capabilities

New Billing System Menu

Scroll down the left side of your Company Dashboard and you’ll see a new menu option available: Subscriptions.   Here, you’ll find the latest update, designed to give you complete control over your billing, invoicing, user management, and payment needs.

Payments and Invoices

This is where you will go to update your billing information. We use an encrypted, cloud-based billing system to protect the privacy of our clients.


Want to see your latest invoice? Use the menu icon found within this window to review the most recent account activity or download a PDF copy of the invoice directly into your files.

Add and Remove Seats

Remember how we said that you are in total control of your billing now? We weren’t kidding. 


We understand that every company is different and a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. You can now buy additional seats as your company grows. Simply adjust the quantity to meet your needs.

Manage Seats

Next, activate your new hires in the system so they can begin to take the right training, for the right job, at the right time.


Need to restore deactivated employees? That can also be done from this page using the check box beside their name.

Watch Now: See How to Manage your
Automated Billing or User Seats

Easily and quickly view invoices, change billing information and manage seat numbers directly from the Subscription tab.

Manage Your Payments and Invoices

Manage Your User Seats

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out via our support chat system or by giving us a call. Our team members would love to provide you with the best possible experience on Greenius.

Our team of professionals has expanded to provide more support and guidance along with the steady flow of new features and improvements.

Call or Email our Support Team

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Book a 1-on-1

Schedule 30-Minutes with one of our expert team members at a time that suites you.

Live Chat

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive one single invoice with 2 separate subscriptions listed. Similar to how you might have one bill with both an internet and cell phone subscription.

Yes, you can get Greenius free for 60 days if you are a current LMN user and new to Greenius

Yes, including employee, supervisor and group training.

You can now access invoices through the Greenius subscription tab on the left side of your dash boardunder the Payments/Invoices section.

You can now add more seats through the Greenius subscription tab on the left side of your dashboard under the Manage Seats section.

Deactivating employees can now be completed in bulk through our mass actions tool. You can also deactivate employees when managing seats from your Subscription tab.